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  • 1949 From Island to Island

    Reyn Spooner's heritage of West Coast American cool reaches back to the late 1940's on Catalina Island in California, where Reyn McCullough opened his first traditional men's haberdashery.

  • 1956 Little Grass Shack

    Waikiki Beach. Under the palms. Celebrities and top surfers patronized Spooner's Waikiki stand. With just one sewing machine the custom swimwear became known for its unique quality construction.

  • 1959 Ala Moana Center

    Located on what was once a marshy taro patch adjacent to Waikiki, Ala Moana Center- the world's most successful shopping mall — welcomed its first customers.

  • 1962 Down in the Cellar

    Reyn’s Men’s Wear and Spooner’s team up to ensure consistent quality. Reyn set up four sewing machines in the basement of his Ala Moana store, and merging the two company names — Reyn Spooner® was born.

  • 1963 "the Brooks Brothers of the Pacific"

    Reyn quickly began making waves in the 1960's as "the Brooks Brothers of the Pacific" pioneering a casual yet professional incarnation of the Hawaiian shirt. By combining traditional Ivy League style with innovations such as the washed down reverse-print concept, Reyn Spooner reinvents aloha wear for Hawaii and the rest of the world.

  • 1964 Spooner Kloth

    "Spooner Kloth is born" Combining the cool comfort of combed cotton with the wrinkle free properties of spun polyester, Spooner Kloth is guaranteed to give years of wash n wear durability. This traditional classic has become the oxford cloth of the islands.

  • 1966 Aloha Friday

    Reyn Spooner's new take on the printed, button down collar shirt made it acceptable for the Hawaii workplace. The Hawaii Fashion Guild, of which Reyn was an active member, formalizes aloha wear in the work place and in the process, invented Aloha Friday.

  • 1970 15 Employees, 12 Machines

    New factory on Kamani street in Honolulu.

  • 1972 Reyn Spooner Expands

    Shipping to the finest men's stores and department stores on the mainland. The surf culture adopts the Reyn Spooner attire.

  • 1974 Reyn Spooner Goes International

    Shipping shirts to Japan, Australia, Canada and other parts of the world.

  • 1981 The New Factory

    Dramatic growth necessitates expansion to a new 13,000 sq. foot work room in Kapalama

  • 1984 Van Doren(Vans) Shoes & Reyn Spooner

    Reyn Spooner has some fun with Van Doren Shoes, introduciing a number of original Reyn Spooner prints on the famous VANS shoes. This collaboration marked the start of many more to come.

  • 1987 Three New Reyn's Store in the Islands

    Reyn’s store open on Kauai, Maui and the Big Island.

  • 1989 Under the Giant Pineapple

    Ongoing expansion of the Collection, with continued growth, necessitates relocation to a new 29,000 sq. ft. workroom in Iwilei, under the landmark Dole Pineapple.

  • 1992 Alfred Shaheen

    Reyn Spooner collaborates with local artist Alfred Shaheen and produce the first Reyn Spooner Classic Pareau print aloha shirt.

  • 1994 Dietrich Varez

    Reyn Spooner works with local artist and Big Island resident Dietrich Varez. Varez lives and works on the domain of Madame Pele and turns to Hawaiian mythology for his inspiration.

  • 1996 Eddy Y

    Reyn Spooner teams up with “lifestyle-artist” Eddy Y. His creative inspiration comes from the Hamakua Coastline on a secluded Big Island mountain ranch retreat.

  • 2003 Ka’Ahu No’eau Lifetime Achievement Award

    Tim McCullough received this award as President and CEO of Reyn Spooner.

  • 2004 Renovated Ala Moana Center flagship store

    A tribute to the Hawaiian Watermen of the 60’s. The museum quality exhibit features black and white surfing and personal photos taken by a young Tim McCullough carefully placed throughout the store.

  • 2009 Urban Outfitters & Reyn Spooner

    Collection of slimmer fit shirts tailored for the Urban Outfitters customer.

  • 2010 Stussy & Reyn Spooner

    Exclusive Reyn Spooner print created for Stussy. Collection included t-shirts, polo shirts, jackets, hats, bags and a Hawaiian shirt.

  • 2010 Modern Collection

    A new journey begins for Reyn Spooner with the debut of our Modern Collection. We’ve combined our passion for construction, traditional tailoring and a 1960’s preppy vibe with over 50 years of rich graphic archive prints. The result is a re-engineered, re-scaled and re-colored collection, new and unique to a younger and more modern man.

  • 2011 Opening Ceremony & Reyn Spooner

    Opening Ceremony teams up with Reyn Spooner, known for taking the Hawaiian shirt to the heights of casual American classic. This collection combines Reyn Spooner 60s sophistication with a modern Opening Ceremony feel.

  • 2012 Reyns Spooner Store at Kahala Mall

    Our journey continues as we transition our Reyn’s stores into Reyn Spooner, offering our Modern and Classic collections. Come visit our newly renovated Reyn Spooner store in Kahala Mall.