Spooner Spotlight: Collector Mike Smith

Posted on November 18, 2020

Spooner Spotlight: Collector Mike Smith

The Reyn Spooner Christmas shirt has been an annual tradition for nearly 40 years and is one of our most coveted and collected shirts. While collected by many, there are few as enthusiastic about our Christmas shirts as Mike Smith of La Cañada, California who has made our Hawaiian Christmas print a family and community tradition.

Mike grew up seeing his father in Spooners and has been wearing the brand as long as he can remember. Mike describes our Spooners as his daily uniform and part of his identity. 

A Hawaiian Christmas Tradition. Mike started the tradition of buying Spooner Christmas shirts over 25 years ago when he bought them for himself and his sons. Over the years as Mike’s family has grown, our Hawaiian Christmas shirt has evolved into a holiday tradition for all three generations of Smiths. 

 A quilted pillow featuring some of his father’s favorite shirts made by Mike’s wife

In addition to his sons and grandchildren, Mike spreads the Christmas cheer to his closest friends... Gifting a total of 50 shirts each year!

Mike Smith

Between Mike and his sons, the Smith family collection is over 500 shirts! Do you have a great collection of Spooners? If so, we love to see your shirts! Submit your collection here