Collector's Closet Holiday Edition: Gary S.

Posted on November 10, 2023

Collector's Closet Holiday Edition: Gary S.
Our Hawaiian Christmas shirt was first released in 1983 and was an instant success – 40 years later, this festive print continues to be a customer favorite coveted and collected by many. The community of Christmas shirt collectors is nothing short of impressive, and Gary S., a long-time Spooner fan with a nearly complete Christmas collection, is no exception.

Based on Kauai, Gary has been wearing Spooners since first discovering the brand at the Liberty House department store after moving to Hawai’i. He was taken by the casual look, fabric, and reverse print subdued colors. For Gary, Spooners stand out for their timeless designs and styles, superb quality, and Hawaiian authenticity. In his view, “If it's not a Reyn, it's not an Aloha shirt.”

If it's not a Reyn, it's not an Aloha shirt.

His Hawaiian Christmas collection started in 1991 and has grown to include every shirt except the elusive 1984 pullover. In addition to the shirts themselves, Gary loves the camaraderie among the large ‘Ohana of Christmas shirt fans during the holiday season – meeting them on the street, in stores or restaurants, and commenting on each other's current attire.

With so many shirts to choose from, Gary starts wearing our Hawaiian Christmas Aloha shirts beginning the day after Thanksgiving and wears a different print each day until New Year's Day. He reserves the newest edition for his Christmas Day outfit.

Gary labels his Hawaiian Christmas shirts by year and stores them in chronological order.

Gary’s Favorites

Among his extensive collection, two of his favorites are limited-edition rayon Christmas shirts from the 90s: Dreamin’ of a White Christmas and Hawaiian Holidays.

When worn, he always receives compliments, and multiple times he has been asked on the spot if he will sell them, to which he always politely declines and thanks for the compliment.


Complete Gary’s Collection
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