Reyn's Recs: Endless Summer

Posted on September 21, 2023

Reyn's Recs: Endless Summer
Aloha from Endless Summer
While tomorrow might be the official “last day of summer,” we like to think summer never ends in Spoonerville. Slip on an Aloha shirt, turn up the summertime tunes, and throw on a classic movie to keep your summer going strong.

Classic Vintage Movies that Capture the Summer Season

1. The Endless Summer - 1966
2. Point Break - 1991
3. Gidget - 1959
4. Girls! Girls! Girls! – 1962


Tunes to Transport you to a Summer State of Mind

Spooner Tunes Vol. 14 - Listen Here

A curated selection of Jimmy Buffett Classics

To honor the late great Jimmy Buffet, pioneer of island escapism and the embodiment of sun and fun, we’ve curated a playlist of some of his most iconic hits that will instantly transport you to a breezy paradise. It was always an endless summer to Jimmy, and he will be greatly missed.