Reyn's Recs with Adam Wild

Posted on April 14, 2022

Reyn's Recs with Adam Wild

Local San Diego mixologist and Spooner fan Adam Wild concocted a special tiki drink for us inspired by our latest print, Tiki Dudes.

The inspiration behind this original cocktail is the classic, “Trader Vic’s Grog” which has some great approachable tropical flavors that everyone loves. Adam created the a drink with some of his favorite flavors while keeping approachable enough for anyone to make or drink.

"Tiki is all about vacation in a glass and this drink will transport you to some wonderful Island in the South Pacific. I find its best enjoyed with a timeless Aloha shirt to complete the vibe."

Mr. Wild’s Grog  


2oz Demerara rum 

3/4oz lime juice 

1/2oz rich vanilla syrup 

1/2oz passion fruit syrup 

1/2oz falernum 

1 dash bitters 



1. Combine all ingredients and shake with a few cubes of ice for 10-15 seconds to chill, dilute and aerate the cocktail.

2. Open pour into your tiki mug of choice and top with crushed ice.

3. Garnish with mint candied orange, lime, and a cinnamon stick. Stick in a reusable straw, put on a cool shirt, sit down and enjoy! 


About Adam

Adam Wild was Born and raised in sunny San Diego and fully embraces the Southern California lifestyle.

He loves any activity in, on, or near salt water and his passion is sailing. Adam has sailed his entire life, both casually and competitively. He raced small boats starting in his youth through college, and now he sails on large keel boats in major inshore and offshore regattas.

Adam has always enjoyed home bartending and in 2020 he upgraded his home bar, and sharpened his skills and knowledge.

"I love the stories, history, craft and flavors that come from tiki bars and drinks. My love of tiki extends to my personal bartending style and fits well with my Southern California beach lifestyle."

Adam crafted cocktails for my family over the holidays in 2020 and they were blown away by his incredible talent and encouraged him to start a business – and Drinks by Wild was born.

Adam is now a mixologist for private events and works closely with clients to create unforgettable cocktails at their events. Adam also hosts virtual cocktail classes where he shows groups how to make some amazing drinks at home. 

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