Spooner Spotlight: Captain Dave Abrams

Posted on October 11, 2021

Spooner Spotlight: Captain Dave Abrams
Dave’s boat, Lahaina Sailor, anchored in Desolation Sound, Alaska.

Dave Abrams wears many hats – he is a former Vice-Chairman and current board member of Reyn Spooner, CEO of Training Resources Maritime Institute, a leading organization that teaches mariners how to work on boats and ships, and he is the captain of Lahaina Sailor. We recently caught up with Cap'n Dave to talk about his boat, his affinity for our shirts, and why he thinks Spooners are the uniform of choice for many who enjoy spending time at sea.

Dave and his son in Reyn Spooer Lahaina Sailor shirts while standing in front of the stern view of their boat

Dave, tell us a bit about your boat, Lahaina Sailor.

It’s a Cape Horn 58’ trawler, a steel vessel built in Canada. My wife Amanda came up with the name. We wanted the boat to be associated with Hawai’i, and we thought that the classic Lahaina Sailor print would be a great decorative addition to the boat. So when we needed a new name, it just seemed to fit.

What is the most memorable trip you’ve gone on, and do you have any exciting trips coming up?

In 2017, we spent two months cruising in British Columbia & Desolation Sound, Alaska, then down the Pacific coast to Ensenada. In 2019, we sailed from San Diego to the Sea of Cortez and back.

We plan to cruise from San Diego to Puerto Vallarta in 2022, then back up into the Sea of Cortez in 2023 before returning to the Pacific Northwest. We also want to sail up the inside passage to Alaska in 2024.

How long have you been a fan of Reyn Spooner?

My wife gave me my first Reyn Spooner shirt in 1991 when we were dating. I still have it, and I still wear it all the time! I’ve been a fan of the brand ever since then. I have over 125 shirts – they are pretty much all I wear!

How many different Lahaina Sailor’s do you own, and what is your all-time favorite color?

I have five different colors, and my favorite one is the new 65th anniversary print!

Dave on Lahaina Sailor bulbous bow

In your opinion, why are Reyn Spooner Shirts so popular in the boating/sailing/yachting community?

Spooners last forever, and they look great even when they’re coming out of a duffel bag. After a day on the water, you can just throw on a Spooner, and you are ready for the yacht club. No ironing and the ability to stow them anywhere is a big deal on a boat!

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