Spooner Spotlight: Courtney and Derek

Posted on May 22, 2024

Spooner Spotlight: Courtney and Derek

Meet Derek and Courtney, local business owners from the Big Island, serving up delicious bites and unforgettable adventures.

Based in Kailua-Kona, Courtney and Derek own and operate the Katsu and Papaya food truck and the eco-tour agency FV Dreamcatcher.

Known locally for the delicious poke they serve, which features fish they catch themselves, it’s a must-have bite for those who love fresh tuna. Derek is responsible for reeling in the fish, and Courtney is in charge of crafting the recipes, making them the perfect pairing.

Growing up in Kona, Derek has always been drawn to the water. An avid surfer, Derek’s passion for catching waves and fish has been cultivated since childhood. After a brief hiatus on the mainland working in real estate in the Bay Area, Derek is back full-time on the Big Island. With his fishing boat, FV Dreamcatcher, Derek is often out on the water trolling for tuna. In addition to catching fish, Derek also offers tours and fishing excursions on his boat.

Raised in Honolulu, Courtney has always been passionate about food. As a self-taught chef, she loves to experiment with different ingredients ranging from traditional Hawaiian flavors to pan-Asian recipes.

With Derek’s passion for fishing and Courtney’s for cooking, it was only a matter of time before they decided to create Katsu and Papaya, a food truck that pops up at local events around town. With the delicious creations coming out of the kitchen featuring freshly caught fish, there is always a line of hungry customers when they pop up.

Follow @katsuandpapaya on Instagram to know when and where they will be opening next.

Can’t make it to Kona? Courtney was kind enough to share her famous Poke Nacho recipe. Check it out here.