Spooner Spotlight: Gino Kawika Quinones Jr.

Posted on December 30, 2022

Spooner Spotlight: Gino Kawika Quinones Jr.

We caught up with Gino, a junior from Ewa Beach, HI, about his road to the Trojans and why he likes to wear Spooner on game days.

Name: Gino Kawika Quinones Jr.
Hometown: Ewa Beach, HI
Position you play: Interior Offensive Lineman (Guard/Center)
High School: Saint Louis High School


Why did you choose to come to USC?
USC has been my dream school since I was a little kid. It was inspiring to see the Pete Carroll era in the early 2000s and watch players that went on to win National Championships, Heisman trophies, and so much more.

Most memorable moment of the 2022 season to date?
This was an awesome season from start to finish, and I’m so grateful to have been part of such an amazing team. I have to say that the most memorable moment of the 2022 season was when I made my first career start at right guard when we faced the Arizona State Sun Devils at the Coliseum.


Why do you love Reyn Spooner?
I love Reyn Spooner because the clothing designs are unique, meaningful, and allow me to express my personality and identity. I also think Reyn Spooner has consistently done an awesome job with celebrating Hawaiian culture in the 21st century through initiatives like “Operation Liberation,” which allowed Aloha Friday to become the awesome tradition we know and love today. I also love that Reyn Spooner is size inclusive, as it can be extremely difficult to find clothing that fits big guys and offensive linemen, like me!

    You recently accompanied your QB, Caleb Williams, to the Heisman Ceremony in NYC. Can you share a highlight from the trip?
    The biggest highlight from this trip was hearing our quarterback’s name, Caleb Williams, announced as the 2022 Heisman trophy winner. We were happy to be on this journey with him and support him in whatever way we could, on and off the field. The next big thing was exploring New York City with my teammates and eating tons of pizza across Manhattan. Also, big shout out to Action Water for sponsoring our trip and allowing us to have this amazing opportunity.


    Favorite 4 shirts currently?
    I wear a 2XL and I prefer the button front style for all of my shirts.

    1. Lahaina Sailor Performance Polo (in True Navy) - This shirt is such a classic, and I love that it showcases the state flower, bird, tree, and the Hawaiian flag. I also love that there’s so much history behind the design and that this is a heritage print.
    2. Ohana Luau (in White) - This shirt initially caught my eye because it shows a lot of Hawaiian cultural practices, which is extremely rare to find depicted on Aloha shirts. I like that this shirt tells a story and exemplifies the aloha spirit within the Hawaiian culture.
    3. The Mandalorian (in Dusty Cedar) - I love all things Disney and The Mandalorian is my favorite Disney show to watch. It’s also neat to see the ties that this shirt has to USC, since the creator of Star Wars, George Lucas, is a USC alumnus!
    4. University of Southern California (in Cardinal) - This is an iconic, classic shirt that encapsulates my love for USC and Hawaiian aloha shirt print designs.


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