Spooner Spotlight: Hula Hālau Moani‘a‘ala Anuhea

Posted on August 26, 2022

Spooner Spotlight: Hula Hālau Moani‘a‘ala Anuhea

In conjunction with the launch of Hula Lei, we are honored to partner with Hula Hālau Moani‘a‘ala Anuhea based in Mountain Park, California.

Founded 15 years ago by Kumu Nani Aiu-Quezada, the Hālau has served as a community hub offering classes in hula and ukulele for people of all ages.

Kumu Nani and her incredible team have built an amazing community centered on the foundation of Aloha and driven by the belief that “as we teach, as we discipline, as we counsel, as we live – if we preface it all with Aloha, we establish a deep sense of worth and therefore, success.”

First introduced to hula by her mother at age eight, Kumu Nani participated in Hula for 18 years, winning multiple titles and participating in the Merrie Monarch Festival before starting her own Hālau in Monterey Park in 2007. Under the guidance of Kumu Auntie Mae Kamāmalu Klein, Nani underwent rigorous training that culminated in what is known as an ‘uniki (formal graduation ceremony) as a Kumu Hula (master hula teacher) in 2010.

The Hālau hosts an annual festival (hō’ike) that showcases the student’s growth with live hula and ukulele performances and features delicious Hawaiian cuisine every year. 2022 was an exciting year for the Hālau as it marked the 15th anniversary and was also the first year that the in-person event happened since the onset of the pandemic. We are excited to share some images of the event.

We are honored to partner with Hula Hālau Moani‘a‘ala Anuhea on the launch of our latest print, Hula Lei. Your purchase of Hula Lei enables Reyn Spooner to support their incredible work.
To learn more about Hula Hālau Moani‘a‘ala Anuhea visit the website: www.hulamoani.com