Spooner Spotlight: Talking Transpac with John Sangmeister

Posted on July 09, 2021

Spooner Spotlight: Talking Transpac with John Sangmeister

The Transpacific Yacht Race or Transpac, which runs from the Point Fermin buoy in San Pedro and ends off Diamond Head in Hawaii, is globally recognized by sailors as one of yachting’s premier offshore races. 2021 will be the 51st running of the bi-annual race and features 48 entrants hoping to successfully complete the 2,560-mile sail across the Pacific ocean.

We recently caught up with John Sangmeister, who is prepping for his ninth Transpac race. A prolific sailor, John has experienced highs and lows over the years – he came close to breaking the speed record in 2013 and infamously was the skipper of the Santa Cruz 70 OEX, the first boat to sink during a Transpac race in 2019.

Q: “Tell us about your experiences competing in the Transpac race.”

A: “The first couple of days are physically challenging, the boat’s keeled over, it’s cold, there can be big swells, and some people may have a hard time keeping food down. As the race progresses, the ride gets smoother, the spinnaker goes up, the days get warmer, and the foul weather gear comes off and is replaced by shorts and Spooners.

The middle of the race is extraordinary, the closet human is in a space station 50 miles above you, and there isn’t any light pollution, so the stargazing is otherworldly.

The ending of the race is perfect. You arrive in paradise and are greeted with a cold drink in a cut-out pineapple. This year our goal is to finish at sunset so we can celebrate a bit.”

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The Transpac 2021 Race starts tomorrow! Follow along with Tritium Racing on Facebook for updates: https://www.facebook.com/TritiumRacing or on the official Transpac website https://transpacyc.com/.

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