Spooner Spotlight: Charley's Taxi

Posted on October 06, 2020

Spooner Spotlight: Charley's Taxi

"We salute the drivers in Red Lahaina Sailors!"

As a heritage brand with over sixty years in business, we understand the challenges of remaining successful and relevant in an ever-changing world. One local business that we admire for their longevity and continued success over the years is Charley’s Taxis, a woman owned and operated taxi company that has been offering safe and reliable service for over 80 years.

The oldest Taxi company in Honolulu, Charley’s was founded in 1938 by Charles and Helen Morita and remains a family business run by Charles and Helen’s daughter Dale Evans.

Over the years, Charley’s has remained a leader in the ultra-competitive industry by focusing on world class customer service and technological advancements.

With drivers who speak over 10 languages, flat rate fees from the airport that are more affordable than ride share companies and a cutting edge technology to ensure short wait times, there’s no question who you should call next time you need a ride.