Spooner Spotlight: The Volcano Art Center

Posted on March 23, 2021

Volcano Art Center

Nestled in the jungle within Volcanoes National Park, the Volcano Art Center (VAC) has served as a hub for creative visual artists for over 40 years. Located near Kīlauea, home to Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes, creativity, and fire, the area has long been a source of inspiration to the Hawaiian people and their creativity and legends.


Volcano Art Center


The VAC, a non-profit organization, is housed in a former hotel built in the late 1800s. The center’s mission is to promote, develop, and perpetuate the artistic and cultural heritage of Hawai’i’s people and environment through activities in the visual, literary, and performing arts.

 Dietrich Varez

It is here that Dietrich Varez sold his first print for $2 and officially became a “professional artist.” Today, the art center is home to the most extensive collection of Dietrich Varez works, with over 250 original pieces available to view and purchase.

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 A Look Within the Center

Volcano Art Center

Within the center you will find a gallery that shows traditional and contemporary work that is inspired by Hawai’i’s unique environment and rich cultural heritage. These works include hand-blown glass, jewelry featuring precious and semiprecious stones and metals, and a collection of works in paint, photography, clay, fiber, and mixed media.


In addition to the amazing art on display, the VAC also prides itself on a fantastic array of programming for the local community and tourists alike. The offerings include movie nights, a traditional Hula performance, and workshops on linocut printing where guests are able to create their own prints using linocuts created by Dietrich Varez himself.

If you’re ever on the Island of Hawai’i, we strongly recommend visiting the Volcano Art Center.

 Dietrich Varez Collection

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Your purchase of our Dietrich Varez five shirt collection enables us to give back to this great organization supporting the arts in Hawaii. 

To find out more please visit www.volcanoartcenter.org and consider supporting their programs by becoming a member, or making a donation today!