Sixty-five years ago, our founder Reyn McCullough changed the Alohawear industry forever with the creation of Reyn Spooner, putting the Aloha shirt on the fashion map and paving the way for this feel-good garment for years to come. Over the last six and a half decades, we have built a legacy of craftsmanship and design – with Aloha in every stitch. This year, we're honoring our 65th anniversary with a special summer-long celebration of all things Spoooner that we can't wait to share with you.


Reynolds McCullough (known to everyone as Reyn) grew up in California on Catalina Island.

After serving in the military during WWII, Reyn returned home and secured a job at a men’s store in Avalon on Catalina Island. His keen eye for fashion, marketing, and design allowed him to rise through the ranks quickly, and he purchased the store in 1949 – renaming it Reyn’s Men’s Wear. One store quickly grew to six in California, all known for their high-quality resort clothing.

On his first trip to Hawaii, Reyn was captivated by life in the Hawaiian Islands. He also recognized a business opportunity as jumbo jets made tourism possible, and statehood was imminent. Reyn moved his family to Honolulu, and when Ala Moana Shopping Center in Honolulu opened in 1959, Reyn’s Men’s Wear was one of the first shops to open its doors.


In a little grass shack set up under the palm trees on Waikiki beach, seamstress Ruth Spooner was busy building her one sewing machine operation with custom surf trunks that were heralded across the islands for their unmatched quality. Soon, Reyn and Ruth began their partnership. Reyn would design shirts, boardshorts, and surfwear, and Ruth would see to their thoughtful construction. Soon Ruth merged her business with Reyn’s, and the name Reyn Spooner was born.


At first, Reyn felt the traditional Aloha shirts were too bold, and he wanted to improve upon the look and construction. When he met a local bartender/surfer, he was instantly inspired by the subtle look of the inside-out Aloha shirt he was wearing, and the idea for our signature reverse print was born. Reyn combined the comfort of cotton with the wrinkle-free qualities of spun polyester to create the durable, long-lasting, iconic Spooner Kloth™ still used in Spooners today.

Reyn united this revolutionary fabric with construction techniques of classic menswear shirting to create a well-tailored Aloha shirt with unparalleled craftsmanship – and the essence of island culture mixed with ivy-league style in every garment. Sixty-five years later, each Spooner we make honors our heritage with the same attention to detail and Aloha style that put us on the map.


Our logo has evolved over the years as Reyn's Mens Wear became Reyn Spooner. In 2020, we drew inspiration from our classic Wahine logo and original Reyn's script to create a new logo celebrating the history and tradition of our brand.


Lahaina Sailor, a heritage print from 1968, is one of our oldest and move beloved designs. Inspired by the bandanas worn by sailors visiting the village of Lahaina, Maui, this print features the Hawaiian state flower (hibiscus), the state bird (nene goose), state tree (kukui or candlenut, and the Hawaiian state flag and captures the spirit of old Hawai'i.


To commemorate our 65th anniversary, we are excited to introduce our limited issue multi-color version of the iconic Lahaina Sailor shirt for men and women. Our artists have once again exceeded expectations with this updated execution of the popular print that originally hit shelves in 1968. This made in Hawai'i shirt is a must for all Spooner collectors in our Ohana.


We are committed to supporting the arts, environment, and community members in need. Learn more about how Reyn Spooner is giving back here