Step Into Paradise with Island Slipper x Reyn Spooner

We are super stoked to parner with Island Slipper to bring you authentic slippers in classic Spooner prints, hand-made in Hawai'i since 1946. We caught up with vice-president Matt Carpenter to learn more about Island Slipper and how they handcraft their products.

Island Slipper is a family owned company on the island of O'ahu. They've been making slippers since 1946.

Originally founded by the Motonaga family, Island Slipper's mission is to make the most comfortable and durable slippers that money can buy.

In Hawai'i, we refer to sandals as "slippers." Slippers are not the fuzzy things you wear on your feet inside the house; slippers are what we wear outdoor everyday, whether for work or play.

Island Slipper strives to use materials and production techniques that are greener and healthier because they care about our health, our island, and our Earth.