Black Friday $1000 Shopping Spree Winner

Posted on December 16, 2022

Black Friday $1000 Shopping Spree Winner

Hoʻomaikaʻi to our shopping spree winner!

Today we celebrate the lucky winners of our Black Friday shopping spree, Phyllis and Mike S.!

Where are you from?

Mike: We are originally from Michigan, but in the mid-90s I was offered a job on Oʻahu, and so we decided to pack it up and move the family to paradise. We stayed in Hawaiʻi for four fantastic years while our family was growing. When Phyllis was pregnant with our fifth child, we decided to move to Florida, and we’ve been there ever since!

How did you discover Reyn Spooner?

Mike: When we were living in Hawaiʻi, a friend of mine from the Big Island introduced me to the brand, and I’ve been hooked ever since! All five of our kids are big fans of the brand as well, and now that we’re back in Florida, I appreciate the shirts even more as it allows me to introduce a little Aloha even though we are so far away from the islands.

Tell us about the day you won!

Phyllis: We are huge University of Michigan fans, so we were watching the game Saturday after Thanksgiving, and I (Phyllis) got the idea to go on the Reyn Spooner website and pick out some Michigan gifts for Mike for Christmas.

I saw the wheel pop up and decided to spin it to see if I would win anything. To my surprise, it landed on the $1,000 shopping spree, and I was shocked! I didn’t want to interrupt Mike while he was watching the game, and I thought there was a time limit to check out, so I quickly added a couple things to my cart and placed a small order.

Leah from Reyn Spooner reached out to me later that day because she noticed I didn’t utilize the entire $1,000. I was over the moon excited to hear from her, and she helped me place a new order with goodies for me, Mike, and the kids too! We’ve always been big fans of Reyn Spooner, so winning this prize really made our day!


What did you buy with your winnings?

Phyllis: Since we are such big Michigan fans, I knew we had to buy the entire collection! I picked up a polo, a scenic Aloha shirt, and two matching button-downs for Mike and our son Stephen. I purchased a dress for myself, another Aloha shirt for Mike, a fun beach bag, and a Reyn Spooner cap to top it all off.

We can’t wait to wear all our Spooners on our next trip to Hawai’i!