Collector's Closet Holiday Edition: Dave Spadt

Posted on November 14, 2022

Collector's Closet Holiday Edition: Dave Spadt
The Reyn Spooner Hawaiian Christmas Aloha shirt was first released in 1983 and was an instant success. Almost 40 years later, this festive print is coveted and collected by many. To celebrate this holiday tradition, we caught up with Dave S., a long-time Spooner fan with an impressive Christmas collection.
When Dave and his family moved into their current home in Fullerton, CA, in 2000, they found that the previous owner had left three Reyn Spooner Hawaiian Christmas shirts in the closet. The previous owner and Dave happen to wear the same size, so after admiring the design and trying on the shirts, Dave was instantly hooked.

Over the last twenty years, Dave has quickly amassed an incredible collection of over 800 Spooners, not including pants, swim, and accessories like neckties and teddy bears.

“As much as I love all Reyn Spooner products, for me, it is ALL about the holiday shirts. I have every Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Summer Commemorative shirt in EVERY color. These prints alone account for about 300 of my shirts.”

With so many Holiday shirts to choose from in his collection, Dave typically starts wearing his Thanksgiving shirts the first week of November and transitions to his Hawaiian Christmas prints the day after Thanksgiving, wearing a different print each day through Christmas.

Family Affair

Over the years, Dave’s passion for our Hawaiian Christmas Aloha shirts has been passed down to the next generation. He now has two sons-in-law's and a grandson and granddaughter that receive Hawaiian Christmas every year. They are all into it and love the Christmas designs.


Dave’s Favorite

Among his extensive collection, Dave’s favorite prints are the limited edition exclusives we produced for Macy’s in the late 2000s.


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