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Catalina 2020: California's Magic Isle

Posted on July 07 2020

Catalina 2020: California's Magic Isle

A photograph of our original store on Catalina Island from 1957.


Where It All "Began"

Catalina Island, 26 miles off the coast of Southern California, holds a special place in the hearts of the Reyn Spooner 'Ohana. This is where founder, Reyn McCullogh, operated his first menswear shop. This first shop would inspire him to even greater ambitions in Hawaii where he went on to open Reyn's Menswear stores and founded the Reyn Spooner line. To celebrate the importance of Catalina in the brand's history, we're launching our 18th iteration of our famous Catalina shirt.

Shop Catalina 2020

Shop Catalina 2020

Crafted in our signature Spooner Kloth™, the traditional squares layout depicts iconic Catalina landmarks including the famed Holly Hill House built in 1890 and island flora like the striking Bush Poppy which is endemic to the Channel Islands. 

Celebrate Catalina with this Unique Collector's Print

Catalina 2020

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