Collector's Closet: Chase Corum

Posted on September 08, 2022

Collector's Closet: Chase Corum
As a brand known for designing the World’s Most Collected Aloha Shirt, we have built an amazing community of fans and enthusiasts around the world with closets full of Spooners. For our most recent Collector’s Closet feature, we caught up with Captain Chase Corum to learn more about him and his incredible collection.

Where do you live?

Balboa, California

How many Spooners are in your collection?


How were you introduced to the brand?

My entire family has worn Reyn Spooner for as long as I can remember. My aunt Ann Kondo Corum wrote and illustrated several Hawaiian cookbooks (including Hawaii's SPAM Cookbook!) and always included drawings of family members and friends in various outfits, including lots of Aloha shirts. I was born and raised in Newport Beach, my family spends a lot of time on Catalina Island, and I have family from Hawai’i. Reyn Spooner is popular and connected to all of these locations, so it was natural that I would gravitate toward the brand.

Why do you like Reyn Spooner shirts?

The quality, consistency, comfort, and the understated classic look of the reverse print patterns.

Favorite or favorites in your collection and why

I like shirts specific to a time, place, or both. The Merrie Monarch Festival 50th Anniversary, Newport Beach 100th Anniversary, and Hawai’i Kai Christmas Boat Parade are some of my favorites.

Classic Button Down, Pullover, or Tailored?

Pullover, without a doubt. Although I do own a few button-down long-sleeves.

What drew you to working on boats?

Growing up, my family owned a boat that we would take to Catalina Island or around Newport Beach and San Diego. When it was time for me to get a job as a teenager, I started working as a deckhand on the Balboa Island Ferry and never looked back.

What boat/type of boat are you currently captaining?

I work for City Cruises / Hornblower in Newport Beach, California. We have five boats here that I captain, the most famous of which is a 136’ former US Navy Minesweeper named the M/V Wild Goose, which John Wayne owned as his personal yacht for many years. It is also a sister ship to Jacques Cousteau's famed R/V Calypso. We do charters and large events like weddings, holiday parties, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

What is one of the most memorable experiences you’ve had while on the water?

I was Port Captain of the Alcatraz Island Ferry for several years. Seeing the sunrise from Alcatraz with only the birds and a couple of other people on the island was always memorable. Going back and forth to the island every day also inspired me to swim from Alcatraz to San Francisco multiple times as a member of the Dolphin Swimming & Boating Club.


Any print you think we are missing?

I’d like to request a UC Santa Cruz Spooner University design. The banana slug mascot would look great on a shirt! Also, more Samoan prints and designs, please.


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