Mahalo for 65 Years!

Posted on September 02, 2022

Mahalo for 65 Years!

With our 65th anniversary celebration coming to a close, we wanted to reflect on our brand's rich history and express how grateful we are to be associated with a brand that has been bringing Aloha into people's lives for over 65 years.

Original Reyn's Men's Wear store, Catalina, 1949

As a heritage brand, we strive to stay true to the founding principles that continue to serve as the foundation of our business and success. While the team has changed over the years, we continually draw on the knowledge and experiences of previous employees and company leaders.

Reyn McCullough (left) and Tim McCullough (right)

To commemorate the end of our 65th Anniversary, our President Rob Tolleson recently sat down with Tim McCullough, former President and son of brand co-founder Reyn McCullough, to chat about his experience leading the company, what he views as the key reasons for our success, and his favorite prints from over the years.

Rob Tolleson: When did you take the helm at the company?

Tim McCullough: In the Fall of 1978. I was only 29 years old, but my father Reyn passed away at the young age of 65, so I took over the family business.

Reyn and family in Avalon Harbor (Catalina)

RT: How long did you serve as President? What are some of the most meaningful achievements during your tenure?

TM: About 30 years. I am very proud that we introduced the product globally, employed almost 250 people (our single most important asset), and released lots of cool prints during those years. 

Tim McCullough (middle) 1970

RT: What are the basic fundamentals of a Spooner?

TM: High quality, authentic, timeless, "wearable art."


RT: What are your favorite prints of all time?

TM: Lahaina Sailor, 50th State, and Banaras. But I love all of my children equally!


Our team is so thankful to the McCulloughs for creating, developing, and growing the brand and customer base globally! A great big mahalo to the founding family of Reyn Spooner, the team that perpetuates the heritage of this great brand, and our devoted 'Ohana of customers – we would not be here 65 years later without you!