Collector's Closet Roundup: May 2023

Posted on May 19, 2023

Collector's Closet Roundup: May 2023
As the designer of the World’s Most Collected Aloha Shirts, we have an amazing community of collectors around the globe. With collections ranging from a small handful of shirts to over 1000, we always enjoy seeing photos of our collector’s closets. Check out a few of our favorite closets submitted recently.

Name: Todd N.
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Years Wearing Spooner: 25
Total Shirts in Collection: 50+ (all pullovers)
Favorite Shirt: Anything by Dietrich Varez

What do you love about Reyn Spooner? “These are my happy shirts. The quality, design, fit, and fabric are tops. They can be dressed up or down and have been my steady companions traveling the world. I consider myself a Spooner Global Ambassador because these Aloha shirts are travel-friendly (super easy care), look like a million bucks, and I get compliments on my Spooner cloth popovers everywhere I travel... from Sydney to Capri!”

Todd owns over 50 shirts and he was first introduced to the brand by his girlfriend (who later became his wife). After not purchasing any shirts for some time, Todd started working for First Hawaiian Bank 15 years ago and he was hooked again. Todd and his wife have a love for traveling and he wears his Spooners on all his adventures. Currently, he is on a 75-day vacation with his two favorite companions (his wife and his Spooners) visiting Portugal, Spain, France, and Italy.

Name: Aaron G.
Home: Haiku, Hi
Years Wearing Spooner: Over 30 years
Total Shirts in Collection: 200+
Favorite Shirt: Depends on the occasion.

What do you love about Reyn Spooner? "They never go out of style, and they seem to last forever. One of my favorites that I’ve been wearing since 1984… it’s my Easter shirt."

Aaron owns over 200 shirts and was first introduced to Reyn Spooner by his father where he used to take him to Joe Jost’s in Long Beach after water polo games. Seeing all the regulars at the bar wearing their Spooners left a lasting impression for Aaron.

Aaron grew up in Long Beach, CA where he was in the Navy for 26 years. He and his family moved to Hawaii five years ago and he is so happy that he can wear a Spooner everyday!

Aaron says, “Picking your favorite Spooner shirt is like asking what your favorite song is - it all depends on the mood.”, but he is loving the 65th Anniversary Lahaina Sailor because it is so classy!

Name: Chad T.
Location: Northern California
Years Wearing Spooner: 12 Years
Total Shirts in Collection: 38 - all Disney and Pixar, and I just ordered two new Star Wars Reyn Spooner shirts, so that will make 40.

What do you love about Reyn Spooner? "The colors, designs, and overall fit. Everyone at work looks forward to seeing what Aloha shirt I will be wearing each day."