Behind the Scenes of our Photoshoots

Posted on March 04, 2022

Behind the Scenes of our Photoshoots

With our exciting lineup of new products for 2022, we've been working hard to capture the magic of our prints in the destinations that inspire them here in Hawai'i. We want to give you a peek into the work that goes into creating the content you've come to recognize from us.

We caught up with our Brand Manager Gehron to give you an exclusive look into what goes into all of our photoshoots.

RS: What goes into a Reyn Spooner shoot?

GB: First and foremost, our goal is to capture our product in different settings in Hawai'i. We are proud to be a Hawaiian company and feel that it is paramount that all of our imagery is shot on the Islands. Beyond that, the goal is to get great shots of the product and have compelling images of every product we make to tell the story when they launch.

RS: What are the keys to a successful shoot?


1. Planning

Lanikai Beach

Sometimes we are shooting upwards of 50 styles with a combination of men's, women's, and kid's items. We spend way more time in the planning and prep phase than during the actual shoot itself, but that always works out in our favor.


2. Photography

Photographer Zak Bush

Photography is super important as well. We have had the pleasure of working with fantastic photographers over the years and have found that working with someone who understands the brand and our values translates into fantastic imagery.

3. Energy

Sailing in Honolulu Harbor

Lastly, it's important to keep the energy up and the stress low. We shoot long days, but we try to keep it light and fun. Good food and good vibes to keep the crew fueled and upbeat in essential.


RS: How do you choose locations?

Royal Hawaiian Golf Club

GB: We love a visually stunning backdrop that highlights the nature here in Hawai'i, which serves as the inspiration for so many of our prints. We end up shooting our models at their homes or the homes of friends. These locations create a natural and organic feeling in our images which captures the laid-back vibes of our product.


RS: How do you choose the models?

Hopena's yard with his trusty Waimea gun

GB: When choosing our models, we treat them as extensions of our customers. We always make sure that we have a variety of ages represented because we know our shirts are popular with both younger and older generations. All of our models are also prominent members of the Hawaiian community, born and raised in Hawaii with interesting backgrounds and stories.


RS: Who's on set with you and why?

Kaimana Beach Hotel

GB: We have a lean team on set, compared to many photoshoots, but we are a small and mighty crew. We have a photographer and their assistant, myself and another member of the Reyn Spooner team, plus the models.


RS: Tell us a highlight from a recent shoot.

Sailing out of Haleiwa Harbor

GB: On our last shoot, we spent the morning sailing out of Haleiwa Harbor and were greeted by a pod of over 100 Spinner Dolphins. It was a magical experience as the dolphins were all surrounding the boat and riding in the wave of the bow. Another boat passed by and snapped this picture of us enjoying the show.