Spooner Spotlight: Guy Pere

Posted on February 11, 2022

Spooner Spotlight: Guy Pere

You can use many words to describe Guy Pere: paddleboarder, canoe paddler, surfer, shaper, lifeguard, waterman, and family man are all apt descriptions. Born and raised on the North Shore of O‘ahu, Guy is equally comfortable at sea as on land.


Growing up on the North Shore, Guy grew up on the beach and was inspired by watching his brothers and friends surf – dreaming about a life centered around the ocean.

Being able to jump into the ocean steps from his childhood home shaped the man he is today, and he is passing his reverence for the water on to his two boys.

“I feel at home anywhere in the world once my feet hit the sand.”

Guy set the record for prone paddleboarding at the first Molokai-2-Oahu race, winning the championship title in 1997 and setting a record that stood for seven years. He still competes in watersport events and has carried on the tradition with his two sons, Tama and Toa.

One of the highlights of his life was serving as a lifeguard and getting the opportunity to surf countless perfect sessions while also saving lives and keeping his community safe.

“In my heart, I’m a lifeguard for life.”

These days Guy has rechanneled his love for watersports into making surfboards in the shaping bay he built in his garage. Guy has honed his craft and makes everything from big wave guns to longboards with expert craftsmanship.

Check them out on IG: @blank_surfboards

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