Why Buy A Spooner?

Posted on May 13, 2020

Why Buy A Spooner?

Turning Aloha Wear Inside Out Since the 1960's

At Reyn Spooner, we’ve been creating premium Aloha shirts since 1964. Our products are thoughtfully crafted, effortlessly timeless, and beautifully designed. The most comfortable and longest lasting shirt you’ll ever own, with Aloha in every stitch - making Spooners the world's most collected Aloha shirts.

Long-Lasting Fabric

Our Spooner Kloth™ only gets better with age. In the photo below, on the left is a brand-new Lahaina Sailor shirt and on the right is the same shirt from the 1980s.


Quality & Construction

Reyn McCollough used construction techniques of the sophisticated shirting he pioneered in California to create a well-tailored Aloha shirt that combined island culture with ivy-league style. This earned Reyn Spooner the nickname “Brooks Brothers of the Pacific.”

Vintage Why Buy Spooner Ad 
Reyn felt traditional Aloha prints were too loud. When he met local Hawaiian bartender, Pat Dorian he was instantly inspired by the subtle look of the inside-out Aloha shirt he was wearing, and the idea for our signature reverse was born.

Why A Reyn Spooner

Reyn Spooner shirts are still made with the same attention to detail as they were over 60 years ago. Each shirt we make honors our heritage with the same relaxed Aloha style and classic construction that put us on the map. 

Hand-painted Artwork

Beginning with a pencil sketch, our design team lays out a vision for the artwork, then they paint their sketches by hand, adding vibrant colors to bring the print to life. Finally, each design is digitized and sent to our printers to transform it into a piece of wearable art.
Pencil sketch (left) and hand-painted artwork in progress (right)

Discover why so many people have collected Reyn Spooner Aloha shirts for over 65 years.