Origins of a Classic: Lahaina Sailor

Posted on April 24, 2020

Lahaina Sailor

Original Reyn's ad from the 1960s


Lahaina Sailor: A Heritage Print from 1968

One of our oldest and most beloved prints, Lahaina Sailor has been around since 1968, featuring the Hawaiian state flower (hibiscus), the state bird (nene goose), state tree (kukui or candlenut), and the Hawaiian state flag.

This print captures the spirit of old Hawaii and was inspired by bandanas worn by sailors visiting the village of Lahaina, Maui.

Destination: Lahaina, Maui

On the northwest coast of the Island of Maui, surrounded by volcanic peaks and coconut groves sits the scenic village of Lahaina.

Vintage Lahaina, Maui

Originally a small fishing village, it was declared the royal capital of Hawaii in the early 1800s by KingKamehameha II. The small fishing village transformed into a historic whaling destination – with thousands of sailors and hundreds of boats taking leave in Lahaina Harbor.

We’ve brought back two of our most popular colors in this classic print 

Lahaina Sailor in Navy

 Lahaina Sailor in Denim

Lahaina Sailor in Denim