Collector's Closet: Adam Wild

Posted on May 10, 2024

Collector's Closet: Adam Wild
Born and raised in San Diego, Adam Wild is known on social media for his signature cocktails and daily choice of Reyn Spooner attire.

With over a quarter million followers, his fans love his easy-to-follow cocktail recipes that run the gamut from classic to creative. He’s also recognizable for his timeless style and his great collection of Spooners that get featured in his videos.  We recently connected with Adam to talk about his collection of Spooners and how he got into mixology.

Reyn Spooner: When did you get your first Reyn Spooner?
Adam Wild: I actually started wearing them relatively recently. I got my first one in 2021.

RS: Who introduced you to the brand?
AW: My dad, he’s always worn them. It’s his uniform, and he started collecting them in the early 1980s. His collection has grown over the years; at its peak, he had over 100 shirts. In the last few years, he’s started to thin out his collection, and my brother and I have been the lucky recipients.

RS: How many do you have in your collection?
AW: I currently have 58.

RS: What do you love about Spooner Aloha shirts?
AW: I love the beautiful prints and how casual they are, yet they are something I can easily wear out to dinner. The shirts don’t require ironing, and I love that I can just grab one out of the closet and look good. I also really appreciate the overall quality and how they last forever — I think it’s so cool that I’m wearing my dad’s vintage shirts and one day, I’ll be able to hand them down to my kids. They represent Hawaiʻi, a lifestyle, a club, and generally timeless style. The shirts only get better with age, and in a world of fast fashion and fleeting trends, they’re a commitment to something enduring. 

Another reason I’ve gravitated to Reyn’s is your association with the culture of yacht clubs and sailing. I grew up at a small club in San Diego where Reyn Spooner shirts are wildly popular. I feel like when you wear a Spooner, you’re part of “a club.” You can always tell when a shirt is a Spooner, so when you see one in public and complement somebody on it, there’s an instant connection. I saw a guy wearing one in Yosemite Valley and complimented him on it; he looked so surprised and happy and threw me a shaka. 

RS: Tell us how you got into making cocktails.
AW: I’ve long enjoyed watching YouTube bartenders and always found them very engaging.  I appreciate how a good mixologist can weave stories through the history of the drink they’re making and the spirit they’re using.

When the pandemic hit, I was doing virtual happy hours with my sailing team and got inspired to start making cocktails.  I started with simple cocktails like the classic daiquiri and whiskey sour. I then purchased Smugglers Cove, which is THE book for tiki cocktails, rum, history, and more. There were so many fun recipes I wanted to try.

After six months of practicing at home, I debuted my skills at Christmas to rave reviews from friends and family, who suggested that I start a business making cocktails for private events. I started promoting myself on Instagram for private parties through drink videos, and before I knew it, brands were reaching out to do partnerships, and I realized I had accidentally become a cocktail influencer. 

RS: What’s your drink of choice?
AW: That’s a tough one. I love a classic 1944 Mai Tai made with aged Jamaican rum, lime juice, orgeat, and orange curaçao. It highlights the flavor of the rum, has a great story behind it, and is fun to make for friends who have never had a classic Mai Tai before. Funny enough, I drink very little. I enjoy being creative with flavors, being able to taste history or culture through a cocktail, and entertaining my friends.

RS: How did Spooners become your signature look for your cocktail channel content?
AW: I had some Aloha-style shirts I was wearing in the early days of my page because I knew I always wanted to take a more “tropical” direction because that’s what excites me.

My dad thought it would be a good idea to have more shirts to wear and gave me some of his Spooners as he had quite a collection. He thought it would be a good idea to have a “uniform” for my content, and he was right. I enjoy having a recognizable look and being able to choose a shirt to fit the vibe of the cocktail I’m making. It definitely makes me stand out when you’re scrolling, and I always get people commenting that they love my shirts.


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